Attention Cruisin’ Grand® Supporters;

Escondido parking subcommittee of Council Member Olga Diaz  and Council Member Ed Gallo , have been meeting to discuss changing Grand Avenue from parallel parking to diagonal parking. This would require the removal of the center median and several trees and would also reduce the width of the sidewalk on both sides of the street. As a result, Grand Ave. would only have one lane in each direction!  

The estimated cost of the proposed project would amount to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the taxpayers!   The subcommittee only needs approval by a majority of the city council to move forward with this project.  Diagonal parking on Grand Ave would have a significant, negative affect on Cruisin’ Grand® !

Please contact Escondido City Council members, and ask them to vote “no” on this devastating proposal and help us save Cruisin' Grand. Mayor Sam Abed and the city council members can be contacted at email addresses below.

Mayor Sam Abed
Council Member Ed Gallo
Council Member Marie Waldron
Council Member Michael Morasco
Council Member Olga Diaz
City Manager Clay Phillips
Asst. City Manager Charles Grimm

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you,

Cruisin’ Grand Staff